Command line tool

Basic usage: nordlicht video.mp4 converts video.mp4 to a horizontal-style timebar and writes it to video.mp4.nordlicht.png. You can find descriptions of the different styles on the front page.

Run nordlicht --help to see the advanced options:

Usage: nordlicht [OPTION]... VIDEOFILE

  -w, --width=INT           set the timebar's width; by default it's
                            "height*10", or 1920 pixels, if both are undefined
  -h, --height=INT          set the timebar's height; by default it's
  -o, --output=FILENAME     set output filename, the default is VIDEOFILE.png;
                            when you specify an *.bgra file, you'll get a raw
                            32-bit BGRA file that is updated as the timebar is
  -s, --style=STYLE         default is 'horizontal', see "Styles" section
                            below. You can specify more than one style,
                            separated by '+', to get multiple tracks
      --start=FLOAT         specify where to start the timebar (ratio between
                            0 and 1)
      --end=FLOAT           specify where to end the timebar (ratio between 0
                            and 1)
  -q, --quiet               don't show progress indicator
      --help                display this help and exit
      --version             output version information and exit

  horizontal     compress frames to vertical lines and append them
  vertical       compress frames to horizontal lines and rotate them
                 counterclockwise by 90 degrees
  slitscan       take single columns while constantly moving to the right
                 (and wrapping back to the left)
  middlecolumn   take the middlemost column of each frame
  thumbnails     display small thumbnails at regular intervals
  spectrogram    spectrogram of the first audio track (not all sample formats
                 are supported yet)

  nordlicht video.mp4
      generate video.mp4.nordlicht.png of default size
  nordlicht video.mp4 -s vertical
      compress individual frames to columns
  nordlicht video.mp4 -w 1000 -h 1000 -o timebar.png
      override size and name of the output file